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Unravel the full picture using complex assays with confidence!

At Ionic Cytometry Solutions, we believe proper experimental design, instrument practices, and quality control are critical to performing complex cytometry properly. That’s why we apply our Building Blocks to Success to provide expert-level support and guidance in all areas of high-parameter cytometry performance.


Depending on your needs, we work with you to develop a project proposal with well-defined goals, experiments, and steps to achieve success. From the project outline, we work with you to coordinate experiment logistics, draft and review protocols, perform quality control on the data, and advise you on every step of your project.


Contact us to discover how complex cytometry can be made easy today.

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New Service!

We are now pleased to offer customization services for Maxpar® Pathsetter™!

Maxpar® Pathsetter™ is an automated data analysis platform designed for use with Fluidigm's Maxpar® Direct Immune Profiling Assay (MDIPA). Until now, Maxpar® Pathsetter™ has been primarily for use only with the base MDIPA, however, the potential for Maxpar® Pathsetter™ expands far beyond the base MDIPA analysis.

Whether you're interested in adding drop-in markers to the MDIPA panel, utilizing one of the MDIPA expansion panels, or seeking an automated, click-button analysis solution for your custom panel, look no further, ICS has you covered!

We are now offering 3 levels of Maxpar® Pathsetter™ customization services:

1. MDIPA drop-in antibody addition service

2. MDIPA expansion panel addition service

3. Custom panel Maxpar® Pathsetter™ model creation

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Analysis for all your cytometry needs!

At Ionic Cytometry Solutions, our data analysis workflows are designed to turn your data into valuable information in a fraction of the standard timeframe for high-dimensional cytometry analysis. 

Through our fully tailored data analysis service, ICS works directly with the client to develop a custom data analysis workflow suited to address their specific needs. Our workflows combine state-of-the-art analysis software with practical experience analyzing data for experiments ranging from panel titrations to full-scale clinical trials.

Let us attend to your data analysis needs, so you can spend more time in the lab, less time crunching numbers. Find out how today.

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Ionic Cytometry Solutions is pleased to now offer design and consultation services for clinical trial cytometry assay development and deployment!

Ionic Cytometry Solutions is pleased to now offer design and consultation services for clinical trial high-parameter cytometry assay development and deployment!

Complex, high-parameter cytometry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace in clinical trial immune monitoring, be sure you are asking the right questions! Allow ICS to help you develop robust and efficient workflows for your clinical trials. By leveraging our founder’s experience with mass and flow cytometry in clinical trials at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and CAR T analysis experience, we collaborate with you to create a working development plan, including everything from panel design and validation to auditable data analysis, we then provide the necessary support to implement that strategy.  


Contact us today to learn more about our clinical trial development services.

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Make it Visual

At Ionic Cytometry Solutions, our training modules are designed to be the most intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly training available. 

We offer many mass cytometry relevant workflows, including:

  • Surface Staining for Mass Cytometry​

  • Red Blood Cell Lysis

  • PBMC Isolation and Storage

  • Metal-tagged Antibody Conjugation

  • Basic Immune-phenotyping data analysis

  • Advanced Immune-phenotyping analysis with tSNE & Clustering

  • Instrument maintenance & Operation

  • Expert-designed, customized training available depending on your specific needs

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