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Young Scientist


Ionic Cytometry Solutions believes in improving the quality of science performed with high-parameter cytometry technologies, including spectral flow cytometry and mass cytometry, by empowering researchers, from academia and pharma. By leveraging our technical expertise and scientific know-how, ICS aims to be the leader in high-parameter cytometry consulting and data analysis. For us, working with data is not enough; we want to work with researchers in whichever experimental stage they may need guidance and assistance, to ensure results can be translated into new opportunities to help patients.


We firmly believe that to answer any scientific question robust, high-quality data is of the utmost importance. That is why we focus our efforts, not only on advanced, fully tailored data analysis solutions but start on experimental consulting as our backbone. At ICS, we aim to help researchers achieve their project goals. From working with our clients in the initial project planning stages to creating customized, publication-quality figures, ICS is here to help. 


Our goal is to improve the quality of healthcare by increasing the quality of the science driving new biomedical insights. Our team has a personal mission to drive new insights and developments in the immuno-oncology space.


Contact us today if you have any questions about your complex cytometry projects!




Founder & CEO

"After an enriching experience serving as lab supervisor for the mass cytometry core at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I saw a critical need in the Cytometry Community that was under-served. There is a need for practical, solution-based guidance and tailored data analysis in the field that has previously not been addressed. 


After losing my own father from colorectal cancer in October 2021, I have a great deal of empathy for cancer patients and their families. Serving as part of my father's caregiving team in the last few months of his life was a humbling and incredible experience. I aim to use my experience and his experience, over 5 years of cancer treatment, to drive new developments and innovation to find better treatments for cancer patients. I have a keen interest in adoptive cell transfer therapies and other engineered solutions to the cancer epidemic.

I look forward to serving the needs of researchers worldwide in whatever stage of using cytometry they may find themselves. Combined with a passion for helping researchers solve critical patient needs, I employ rigorous scientific principles, with a practical, systematic approach to ensure our clients are enabled to perform the highest quality experiments."


When not helping clients with their cytometry projects, Eric enjoys roasting his own small-batch coffee, reading philosophical and scientific non-fiction, and cooking 'gourmet' meals.

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